1:1 Student Device Information

We are very fortunate in our district to have gone through a 1:1 student device initiative this year. This means that each of our students in grades 3-12 were given a device that can be used in class but also at home. Insurance was offered to all students at the beginning of the school year, but is also available to all new students within the first two weeks of enrollment.


What device is my student receiving? 3rd graders received a Lenovo Yoga that can also serve as a tablet. The 4th and 5th graders were given Lenovo ThinkPads (131s). Theirs are laptops only and cannot be used as a tablet. Students were also given a charger for their device.

Does my child have to bring their device home? No. Whether or not your student brings their device home is completely up to you as the parent. If you choose to allow them to bring it home, please make sure that they return to school with it each day, charged and ready to go.

What happens if my student loses the charger? With any suspected loss, the student will be given time to look for and locate the charger. The students needs to let their homeroom teacher know of the situation so that he/she can notify the necessary school personnel. After the 10 day period is up, the student will be sent home with an Incident Report that informs that family whether or not a fee will be asked for. Without insurance, replacement chargers cost $40. This also applies if unnecessary damages occur to the charger.

What happens if my student loses his/her device? Much like above, students will be given time to look for their device before anything is sent home or fines are applied. However, since it is the device the replacement cost is much more than with the charger. Student devices, this year, cost $565 without the insurance policy.

Why is my computer dead when I charged it all night? These computers must be shut down completely before charging. If a complete shut down does not take place, the computer will not receive a full charge. Make sure that all lights on the device have turned off and that there is no sound of fans running coming from the device before closing it.

Why can't I access the internet? Sometimes, our devices drop off the Wi-Fi networks without us realizing it. If you cannot access the internet, always check your Wi-Fi connection first. If you know you are connected, try a different browser (e.g. use FireFox instead of Internet Explorer).

What if my child has a device already? Can't they just use their own device? While that would be great, we are providing devices that we know how to work with and that have been programmed to pick up on certain filters and networks.