photo Isaiah Mack

Baltimore Ravens, former WW Wildcat

"Your grades matter."

"Why play something on a screen when you can live it?”

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Dalia Santiago 2021 Tom Jones Educator of the Year

DPS Tom Jones Educator of the Year 2020-2021

 Quote: " Students are the essential part of the school day for a teacher. As a teacher, I need to know how my students feel and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Each student is unique and has specific skills and talent.” 



Westwood Archery Coach

Westwood Para of the Year 19-20

"I enjoy working with all of the Westwood students and staff."


photo of Christen Bryant WW teacher of the year

WW Teacher of the Year 2020-2021

Quote: "Knowing that the things that my students do every day help to establish a foundation for success that will serve them the rest of their lives is what keeps me coming back every day."


photo of Mr. Mike, WW COTY

WW Classified Person of the Year 2020-2021

Quote:  "I give hugs, high fives, low fives, and I love every one of them."

Eva Smith picture


"...the class erupted with “EVA!” The class was so excited I could hardly get them quiet so they could hear the video."


Lane Raber headshot

WW Teacher of the Year

"Helping them reach their potential and the joy they find in the things they do makes me smile."