3rd Grade PE class
PE class playing with hula hoops
Mrs. Schultz's Media Class
Student checking out a library book
Music Class
Dancing in Music Class
Fifth Grade Music Class
First Graders painting in Art Class
First Graders painting in Art Class


The Specials classes are those that students attend on a weekly basis that allow for more exploration in the areas of physical education (Mrs. King), music education (Mrs. Hunt), art education (Mrs. Walker), Library Media (Ms. Dalton & Ms. Newlan), LabCats (Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab for grade 3-5) taught by Mrs. Smith, and LabCats (STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math for grades K-2) taught by Ms. Gomez. There is a 5 day rotation.

Some things to remember: 

Mrs. King would appreciate it if all students would come prepared to PE by wearing tennis shoes. This keeps the students safe while running indoors and on the days when they may be outside.

Students often paint while in art class. Mrs. Walker suggests that they not wear their nicest clothes to her class so that they don't have to worry about drips and spills. If you would like, you could also send an old t-shirt in for them to wear during class.

Since technology is a big part of LabCats, Mrs. Smith and Ms. Gomez ask that students in 3rd-5th grade make sure that their computers are charged and ready when they come to school.

For Library Media, Ms. Dalton and Ms. Newlan asks that students always bring their library books to their Library Media time and students should always charge their computers overnight.